119: Jon has an Iron Butt


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Tonight Rich and Rico get the latest news from Jon on his past weekend trip with the Moto Amino Dragon Krew. Jon took a little adventure and rode down to Key West, Florida. On the ride down the plan was to complete the saddle sore 1000 Iron Butt Challenge. This challenge is to complete 1000 miles in 24 hours or less. There was a small delay in getting out of North Carolina as DaRula's chain broke while running about 70 mph on I-85 just south of Charlotte, NC. To answer the question - yes everyone doing the saddle sore did complete it, in fact they did 1119 miles in 22 1/4 hours!

After arriving at the hotel at 1:30 AM - back on the road by 9:30 AM to finish the ride to Key West, FL. Did a little sightseeing and then headed back north and planning to stay at OIFVET22's house south west of Jacksonville, FL. Before getting back to the mainland of Florida, Jon followed a recommendation from brother Zyon to stop for dinner at Hobo Cafe in Key Largo, FL. Highly recommend the place if you are in the area.

The Dragon Krew didn't arrive until 5 AM. After a little sleep and home cooked meal they were back on the road around 12:30 pm and Irish's brother-in-law escorted the Krew out of state. Jon arrives home around 11:30 pm, but there was a small adventure with an NC state trooper.

Moto Amino Members on Ride:


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