121: West Coast Road Tripping with Aaron Smith


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For this espiosde we once again have the pleasure of welcoming Aaron Smith, who has been on the the show a few times talking about the Road Hogs group rides.

New Topics

  • Aaron rides from South Carolina to San Francisco, CA.
    • Started September 19th, 2018 and returned September 29th, 2018.
    • Planned to take northern route (I-80), however snow in the mountains changed plans to the southern route.
    • Completed back to back days over 1,000 miles each.
    • Spent two days in San Francisco, CA
    • Traveled thru Yosemite National Park on way to Las Vegas, NV.
    • Spent two days in Las Vegas, NV
    • Wanted to hit the Twisted Sister Motorcycle Route, but of course the only day of rain on the trip, was that day!
  • Jon’s plan for heading I-40 and coming back I-80 now may change with Aaron's information about snow in September. Jon continues thinking/planning return trip.

Aaron Smith at Barber

Aaron make it to the pacific ocean

Kingman, AZ


  • Be sure to checkout the [MotoNobodies podcast](www.motonobodies.com), 3 episodes are out, #4 by the time most of you hear this.
  • [MPC podcast](www.motorcyclepodcasterschallenge.com) has also restarted, check that out for 2018 rules update and Jon and Rich plan to do this every other week or so up to the start of the challenge.
    • R6 is officially on the road! 2000 Yamaha R6 - road ready


  • Guess the brand +1
  • Guess the bike +1
  • Stock or aftermarket +1
  • Name the brand of the pipes +3
  • This week's, Ducati Hyper Motard 821


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