Band of Brothers, Planned Obsolescence, Videl


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Love: Band of Brothers

Andy starts this episode off with a segment on his favorite war-centered anything, the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers. He discusses its remarkable cast and the ways in which it succeeds and comes up short presenting the realities of war in a compelling narrative while Alex takes the opportunity to defend the miniseries as a format and dissect why World War II is the “easy” war to make media about. Also, there’s a Captain Planet discussion that goes on entirely too long.

Hate: Planned Obsolescence

Alex uses his chunk of the clock to talk about planned obsolescence in all it’s myriad forms. He gives examples ranging from electronics to cars to horrible, horrible HP printers. Andy takes entirely too much grief for his cell phone situation, and everyone agrees that unfettered capitalism is just the worst.

Relationship: Videl

Our question this time comes from relationships.txt (@redditships), with a poster writing for advice on peacemaking after her brother lost a sparring match with her much stronger and more well-trained (and reticent-to-fight) boyfriend. Alex wastes no time in insulting her obviously terrible sibling, Andy recommends frank but compassionate talking, and there’s even a reference to pocket sand.

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