BONUS EPISODE Bachelor in Paradise - Grand Romantic Gestures, Healthy Disagreements, And When To Stay Or Go


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We are here, for what will likely be our final bonus episodes of the season with episode 6 of Bachelor in Paradise. I want to hear from you though, come over to Instagram and let me know if you are loving this series and if you’d like me to do a few of these kinds of episodes during our next season of The Bachelor.

Let’s get started.

We start our conversation with situationships,

2:20 - Comparing grand romantic gestures from Dean and Blake

5:05 - Dean’s grand gesture

7:25 - Blake’s grand gesture

13:00 - Demi and Christian’s conversation model a healthy disagreement

18:20 - Two ways pressure can impact a relationship.

Next up we hand out a few Patriarchy Roses

24:00 - Matt for how he treated Bri and Sydney

29:10 - Clay for making it all about him

We close it out with some moments we’re here for.

29:40 - JPJ and Taysha’s prom date

30:00 -Demi and Christian’s relationship and how Bachelor has modeled around what Demi’s going through

Grab your favorite drink, and come along for the ride!

A few episodes that we can learn from related to what we learned this week on Bachelor in Paradise.

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