BONUS EPISODE: Bachelor in Paradise Week 3 Recap


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I am back for Week 3 of bonus episodes around The Bachelor in Paradise and I’m really enjoying sharing these with you. I have especially enjoyed hearing from you who haven’t watched the show before and are starting to watch it along with these episodes.

If you haven’t yet, connect with me on Instagram and let me know if you’re watching.

Let’s get started.

We start our conversation with situationships,

1:30 - Demi-Derek-Christian and Bachelor’s first same-sex relationship

7:45 - Why is Christian staying?

9:00 - Two women choose each other over the Bachelor in Vietnam. Hear more on Here to Make Friends.

11:00 - Did producers overstep with Demi-Derek-Christian?

13:00 - This American Life talked to Colton about some behind the scenes of selecting dates.

15:45 - Why I think Demi and Christian are staying on Bachelor in Paradise

16:35 - Katie sabotages herself with Chris

20:40 - How playing it cool can work against you

23:15 - Hannah-Dylan-Blake, I don’t buy it!

25:30 - Christina is in denial

Next up we hand out a few Patriarchy Roses

27:45 - Christina gets another patriarchy rose for how she’s treating the other women on the show.

29:20 - Kevin is so full of himself he’s earned another patriarchy rose.

We close it out with some moments we’re here for.

30:30 - Breaking out of the hedo normative norms

31:00 - All things JPJ and Tayshia

31:30 - Nicole singing to Clay

31:50 - Dean learned his lesson

Grab your favorite drink, and come along for the ride!

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