Chronic Illness, Body Shame, and Dating with Ayari


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I am grateful to Ayari for joining me on the show to have this conversation around navigating finding love when you have a chronic illness or something else where you have deep shame. This is a powerful conversation so thank you again Ayari for sharing with us.

Ayari has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and she’s wondering if she just has to settle for being single.

6:10 - Welcome Ayari to the show and start off with her question

8:00 - Ayari’s relationship with her diagnosis

10:40 - Sharing “privileged” information isn’t how you’re vulnerable

13:45 - Why it’s time to be more discerning with how you spend your emotional bandwidth

15:45 - What are the signs, or feelings that help you identify a person is a safe person to share with

34:50 - The four action steps if you resonated with deep shame around something in your past

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