#26 - Katy Jon Went, a non-binary transgender person talks about their journey and relationship


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A non-binary transgender person going by they or she pronouns. Katy Jon Went talks about her life, love and passions.


  • How being transgender (and the operation you had) affected their relationships
  • How their mental health (bipolar ups and suicidal downs) affected their current relationship
  • Why Katy and her partner have both chosen to live apart
  • What the most critical component is, in their view, to maintaining a good relationship
  • The effect of feeling asexual has on their relationship, and whether their relationship lacks something most other relationships would expect to be central to it.

Katy Jon Went


Katy Jon Went is a non-binary transgender person going by they or she pronouns. They do not feel limited or defined by labels and prefer to be seen as a person, as a human being, before any gender, sexuality, or other identity boxes.

Katy has mental health conditions including bipolar disorder and has made friends with their health and is transparent about every aspect of their life, with all its ups and downs.

They are a regular speaker at schools, universities and political protests on mental health, LGBT, and human rights and advocacy issues.

They run several support groups for trans and non-binary spectrum people, their partners and families.

Katy is a multipassionate polypreneur having founded many business ventures and support enterprises.

She trained in Economics, Computing and Theology and these formed early career choices, but since a mid-life realisation that she needed to be fully authentic, as well as coming to terms with some mental health issues has subsequently developed into a speaker, writer and support group organiser on LGBT, wellbeing and other human rights issues.

She is often on TV, radio talking about her life journey and how it has affected what she does now.


You can read more here - www.katyjon.com/bio

Website - www.katyjon.com

Website - www.genderagenda.net

Social Media Links

Facebook/soundcloud/storify/tumblr/twitter - @katyjon Facebook/google+/instagram/quora/youtube - @katyjonwent) Linkedin -@kjwent

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