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Welcome to the Love Me Project Podcast! In this podcast you'll get insightful, funny, inspiring conversations, personal stories and real, unfiltered conversations about overcoming life's obstacles and learning to love yourself more. You'll get practical tips and useful tools for taking your self love and happiness to the next level. Subtle, realistic shifts in the way you think can lead to big change. It's time to start living your best life. Happiness is an inside job and it all begins with loving yourself. If you want to have the happiness, love and life that you desire, know that it's already inside you and you just have to tap into it! Fierce self-love is a choice. If you want to look great and feel great and have the relationship you want, the happy family and the job you want it's all already inside you - you just have to CHOOSE IT, you have to cultivate it. What you’ve been THINKING, that's what creates your reality, so let's shift what you're thinking and what you're focusing on! Choose to love yourself first.

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