Love Sober Podcast Episode Eighty One 29.05.20


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Episode 81 This week on the pod we are delighted to welcome Emily Syphas from Sober & Social. Emily Syphas is the pioneer behind, Sober & Social; the new-age of socialising that provides fun, support and exciting, alcohol-free events for people living or exploring a teetotal lifestyle. With a background in Events management and working in London nightlife scene Emily’s experienced first-hand what it is to ‘enjoy’ a night out. When alcohol started to have a negative impact on mental health and wellbeing, Emily embarked on a life of sobriety. She wants to show you don’t have to compromise on your social life without alcohol and encourage others lead healthier and happier lives. She is also the podcast of Sober Sips which she recently launched. Emily is a great sobersis and we had a great chat about surviving lockdown and staying sane. Her reasons to LOVE Sober and what it’s like to be young, working in nightlife and sober. So grab a cuppa and let’s chat. X

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