33 - Moe F: One Step At A Time - Discovering Depression and Balancing Identity

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“You’ll be surprised at how much your body can overcome… Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually - you got this!” - Moe F.

This week's guest was visiting NYC from Qatar! He and Heather met in college and formed what we can definitely call a lifelong bond. As one of the smartest people she knows, Heather was astonished to find that Moe was bullied for being "stupid" when he was growing up. In some ways it pushed Moe to be the eloquent creative he is today but it also caused him depression, weight gain, and a loss of identity.

If Moe didn’t come to the US he may have never addressed his depression. He was able to fully express himself in America in a way he felt would have him "shamed" at home. Now he is slowly working on bridging the gap between his two “identities” but there are still parts of himself that he chooses to keep private - which is obviously understandable.

The first half of the interview is definitely more functional: his education, why he came to the states, why he chose Ohio, etc. The second half gets a lot more personal: we dive into one of his greatest accomplishments and how it made him feel about himself before digging SUPER deep into his past. So stick around for the deep body image stuff, it’s there!

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