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Shannon Kaiser, joy seeker and self-love expert extraordinaire, is on the love your life show this week to CELEBRATE our 100th Episode!!!
I have followed Shannon and enjoyed her work for years and am beyond honored that she is the guest on our 100th Episode of the Love Your Life Show. Her message of empowerment and teachings that lead people to trust and believe in themselves is at the core of my mission here at Strength: Mind & Body

In this 100th episode, we discuss these things and many more:

-What she means when she says: "The How is in The Now"
-How to learn to trust yourself;
-What she means when she says we learn the way on the way;
-What Shannon means by "nourishing the nudges";
-What Shannon thinks holds people back from their dreams;
-How looking externally for happiness does not set us up for joy
-How it takes courage to be who you truly are. And how these tips can help.

Listen in and then head to the show notes for links to learn more about her programs, take her awesome quiz, buy all her books (you will treasure each and every one!!) and follow her on Instagram.
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Thank you and cheers to a hundred more!!!

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