Episode 54: Kirsty Woods -- Real Life Applications of Low Carb


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This is one of the All Time Best Low Carb MD Podcasts! Yes, another ABSOLUTE MUST LISTEN episode. Kirsty Woods is the lead Exercise Physiologist at Metabolic Health Solutions in Western Australia and has been using LCHF protocols for the past 7 years. Kirsty uses indirect calorimetry (metabolic rate testing) in order to adjust the diet and exercise regimens for her clients. "I rely on the data, not opinion." This is a cutting edge approach to better health. So honored to have Kirsty teach us complicated science in a way that we can all understand. Awesome stuff!


Kirsty Woods Website: www.metabolichealthsolutions.org

Twitter: @LowCarbEP

Dr. Brian: http://www.lowcarbadvisor.com/

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