Episode 51 - A Way With Words


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In Episode 51, the Low Player Count crew discusses a multitude of boardgaming terms from solo vs solitaire to automa vs AI, why they matter, and why rulebooks should be well-written. They also chat about Raxxon from Plaid Hat Games, give away a copy of Targi, and tell you to support Watch It Played’s Season 7.Times: 01:00 - In Alaska...02:44 - Ducklings on Kickstarter04:24 - The Plaid Hat Raxxon Giveaway!11:30 - The Raxxon Winners19:00 - A Ridiculous Targi Giveaway Contest23:22 - Rodney Smith’s Watch It Played’s Indiegogo25:44 - boooooooooooooardgametables.com 26:21 - A Way With Words30:30 - Description vs. Gameplay Dissonance35:30 - Specific v. Generic Terminology39:44 - Jamie Maltman, Man of Words, Consistent Verbiage45:50 - Rulebook Lingo46:45 - Unspecific Term Usage in Game Teaching48:50 - Porting Over Known Terms50:30 - Known v. New Concept Terms61:00 - “Controversial” Gaming Terms95:50 - Gaming Genres Series95:56 - End Bits

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