Beetroot hummus and culinary appropriation - Instant Coffee season 2 sneak peak


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Instant Coffee is back! And on season 2, we’re exploring our favourite topic, food. We are going beyond the plate to understand how the complexities of food, farming and cuisine in the region are shaping people’s writing, thinking and organising. We’ll be speaking with inspiring individuals who are grappling with culinary appropriation, access to food and food sovereignty, archiving the region’s recipes and more. To listen to the rest of our interview with Fadi Kattan and to get access to all past and upcoming episodes of Instant Coffee, just search for ‘Instant Coffee’ on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play or wherever you get your podcast. We also have a brand new Instagram account where we post our latest episodes as well as beautiful illustrations created by Rawand Issa for each one of them. Find us on @instantcoffee.pod.

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