Episode 21: Heather McKillop - Preserving Mayan Artifacts with 3D Printing


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How do you discover ancient Maya artifacts buried underwater? And what do you do with the artifacts once you discover them? Heather McKillop, Thomas & Lillian Landrum Alumni Professor in the Department of Geography and Anthropology, presented her research on ancient Mayan civilizations during LSU’s Science Cafe in September 2017. We later sat down with Dr. McKillop, where she shared how her team has been able to study submerged Mayan villages, excavate artifacts and preserve those artifacts through 3D printing so we can better understand the livelihood of the Maya. Learn more about what is happening with Dr. McKillop on Twitter @underwatermaya or by heading over to underwatermaya.com to catch the latest adventures in science from the DIVA lab!

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