Combining Technology & Creativity…for Social Good


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Listen In To Learn:

  • How STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) education can elevate under-served populations
  • How technology can make a sustainable, scalable social impact around the world
  • How to promote a productive cross-conversation between science and the arts

Reshaping the World through Technology, Science, and Art
We often hear about the specific ways technology will either save or end the world. AI is going to revolutionize how we work! Or, it’s going to lead an army of killer robots to our doorstep. Should we embrace the latest technological advancements, or run screaming?

The truth is, the future will be shaped not by the technology itself, but by the way humans choose to use it. To make these choices wisely, we need people who are educated, scientific-minded, and engaged – but who also have creativity and ingenuity to spare.

For Sally Eaves, the key to unlocking a healthier, more prosperous future is that fusion of humanity, creativity, and technology. Sally is an emergent technology expert, CTO, public speaker and author. In this episode, she shares how her organization is bringing technology and arts education to underserved populations around the world. Listen in and catch her enthusiasm for how transformative the right tech with the right mindset can be.

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