5G is Coming…to Transform Connectivity


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Listen In To Learn

  • How 5G will impact AI applications, self-driving cars, telemedicine and more
  • The timeline for 5G rollout and adoption
  • What makes 5G different from any previous broadband technology
  • How 5G will drive business innovation
  • How Dell is participating in developing and innovating with 5G

Faster Mobile Broadband Is Just the Beginning for 5G’s Potential
5G connectivity is almost ready for primetime. Wireless providers, broadband providers, and device makers are all readying a major push to roll out the technology.

While 5G will substantially improve download speeds, it’s more than just faster data transfer. Vast improvements in latency and connectivity will drive dozens of up-and-coming technologies like self-driving cars, telemedicine, always-connected computing, and IoT-enabled sensors. 5G has the potential to transform existing businesses and enable entirely new business models.

Dell is working with technology partners around the world to help make 5G a reality. On this episode, Liam Quinn, Senior VP and Senior Fellow at Dell, discusses the technology’s potential, what business applications can benefit most from it, and how it will change our daily lives over the next decade.

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