Forging the Future of Finance…One Blockchain Link at a Time


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  • How blockchain can streamline financial transactions
  • A long-term investment plan for blockchain implementation
  • Practical use cases for blockchain technology

The Australian Securities Exchange Is Getting Real with Blockchain
Of all the exciting new technologies on every business leader’s mind, blockchain may be the most discussed and least understood. Experts say it has the potential to transform every type of transaction. It’s said that blockchain could make banking obsolete and streamline your supply chain. There seems to be endless potential, but not a lot of clarity. And even fewer practical implementations to use as models.

The ASX is building a blockchain implementation for finance, a platform where a trusted network can explore the possibilities. Dan Chesterman is the CIO of the Australian Securities and Exchange (ASX) and he’s had to cut through the hype to create something that actually works on the ground level. In this episode, Dan explains exactly what the ASX is working on – how it’s built and what it will do when it’s done. It’s a rare and fascinating practical look at a technology that is frequently more sizzle than steak.

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