Promoting Diversity in the Tech Industry…By Design


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Listen In To Learn:

  • How to address the cultural issues that limit diversity in tech
  • How to broaden the labor pool for the next generation of tech workers
  • How technology can connect employees, help examine intrinsic bias, and create dialog
  • How data can drive a better employee—and ultimately, customer—experience

Diversity and Gender Equality Could Solve Tech's Talent Gap
By recent estimate, there will soon be roughly one million open jobs in the tech industry. The existing labor pool can only handle about half that amount. It's a looming crisis – and one that could potentially be resolved through equality and diversity initiatives. Not only are fair hiring practices the right thing to do, they just make the most business sense. Karen Quintos is the Chief Customer Officer at Dell and the founder of Dell's women in Action Employee Resource Group. On this episode, she explains how Dell brings together technology and training to overcome bias, promote equal hiring and equal pay practices, and build a strong and diverse workforce.

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