Solving a Looming Pilot Shortage… with Virtual Reality


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Listen In To Learn:

  • How data-driven instruction can accelerate learning
  • How virtual reality can promote diversity in a recruitment process
  • How “vertically integrated training” can solve labor shortages

The Looming Crisis in the Aviation Industry

Pilots must retire at 65 by federal mandate, and there aren’t enough new pilots coming in to balance the aging population. The existing model for pilot training is part of the problem: It’s costly and time-consuming for potential recruits, with barriers of entry that tend to narrow the applicant pool and discourage diversity.

Ed Bagden and his team are looking to combat the problem by creating a new model for pilot training. LIFT Academy uses virtual reality to help diverse candidates visualize themselves in the captain’s chair. Then applicants have access to subsidized, tech-enabled training with a guaranteed career path. On this episode, Ed explains how virtual reality, data mining, and machine learning can all be put into play to solve the pilot shortage.

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