12-24-18 Do You Know Your Value? MBA mPower Event in Washington, DC


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Merry Christmas! We have a special episode today and it's a result of an interview that took place at the most recent MBA mPower event. How do you show up everyday? What do you want people to think of when you present yourself? Do you "Know Your Value?" David Lykken attended the MBA's mPower event and in this episode of Lykken on Lending you'll hear a great conversation about Mika Brzezinski's book, Know Your Value. Topics Covered in this Interview: 1. Authenticity, finding your voice, and knowing your value. 2. Knowing your audience. 3. Branding yourself by understanding your values. 4. Finding the strengths of the various personalities. 5. Building complimentary teams. 6. Know Your Value series of books. Please check out KnowYourValue.com for more information and to share this site with others.

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