12-31-18 Sales and Leadership Skills to help you Pivot 2 Change in 2019


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In this special New Year’s Eve episode, David interviews Julian Sado with a focus on how changes are coming to the mortgage industry, and how essential it will be to develop new skills in order to pivot and grow in 2019. As the owner and brain behind PIVOT 2 CHANGE a consulting and training company located in Dallas, TX, Julian has been called the Neuro-Hacker within our industry because he has mastered the skills of behavioral coaching by utilizing his background in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) along with his many years studying and applying emotional intelligence, and neuroscience within the mortgage industry. Since the year 2000, Julian has developed a facilitated sales and leadership program. His expertise lies in processing team communication and branding, leadership and sales production/retention. He has been a leader for several Fortune 100 companies and consulted or trained over 40 separate mortgage call centers and face-to-face companies. He is known for his out-of-the-box leadership style and basically has challenged senior and executive level leadership to break away from the dogma of traditional business flow. Now that he is a #1 bestselling Author on Amazon, he is a sought-after speaker on the industries needs for change. In his next book scheduled for release in June, 2019, Julian expounds on the inner work of the subconscious and helping you to understand the why behind all the decisions you make in your everyday life. He calls this trademarked study, NeuroWhyology. He describes his own tumultuous experience growing up in the streets of LA which has taught him about learning how your subconscious mind and inner self-talk will either help you grow in life or keep you stagnate. Read more...

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