2-25-19b Hot Topic The Process of Licensing in the Mortgage Industry


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In our Hot Topic segment today, Steven Sheasby, President and founder of Integrity Mortgage Licensing, talks about how he has worked with numerous mortgage companies with state mortgage licensing across the country. He has managed multiple compliance departments for nationwide lenders and brokers. His experience in mortgage licensing and other mortgage regulatory compliance issues has given him the inside track for dealing with the states, Integrity Mortgage Licensing Specialties: State Mortgage Licensing, Loan Originator Licensing, Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System Maintenance Topics Covered in this Interview: Understanding surety bonds and how that’s a liability to a company. Net worth and credit difficulties, and getting bonding coverage. Rates for bonds averaging around 1% – 3% based on credit reports. Precautions and Tips for getting the best rates for underwriting. Uniform State Testing for Loan Originator Licensing. As usual, the first half of the program will feature Joe Farr providing you a rate & market update, followed by Les Parker’s Market-Logics Live, a macroeconomic perspective on the economy with a music parody. Next is Alice Alvey of Union Home providing a regulatory & legislative update followed by Allen Pollack giving us a Tech Report of the latest technology impacting our industry. Then we wrap up the first half the program with Andy Schell, a/k/a “Profit Doctor” sharing ideas on how to improve your bottom line. We appreciate you telling others about the show! Read more...

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