#252: Diana Driscoll - Vagus Nerve Dysfunction


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In this episode you will learn three things: 1) How the vagus nerve supports your health. 2) How infections can trigger pressure on the vagus nerve. 3) How pressure on the vagus nerve can create symptoms of chronic fatigue, GI issues, and panic attacks, among many others. While on a mission trip in 2004, Dr. Diana Driscoll contracted a virus which left her disabled. She developed POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), gastroparesis, headaches, and a constellation of other symptoms. She was unresponsive to traditional treatment and worsened every year. When her 8 year old son started developing the same symptoms after getting sick she made it her personal mission to understand what was going on with her and her family. She eventually discovered she had an issue with the vagus nerve and acetylcholine. She developed a supplement that could address what was going on with her. She founded TJ Nutrition and works to help others with invisible illnesses by supporting the vagus nerve.

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