Alex MacLaverty | Effective Communication in M&A Transactions


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Clarity is a public relations firm that offers communications strategy, positioning, marketing, content creation, and other services to companies in the fast-moving world of global business. As Global COO, London-based Alex MacLaverty guides the growth of this ambitious agency. Part of that growth has been through recent strategic acquisitions of complementary PR agencies. Alex explains why they chose those specific agencies, how it will change their business, and why they had never met the team at one of the firms before the sale. We also talk about how they handled integrating two teams when they bought the other firm so that they had a running start when the deal was signed. In both cases, Alex and her colleagues were guided by a change management model known as ADKAR. In our talk, she explains the five parts of that strategy and why it’s key to follow in times of large-scale changes in an organization to ensure all the key players have the right mindset going forward. Tune in for all the details on that, as well as…
  • The biggest drivers of their strategic acquisitions
  • How they prevented client attrition
  • Why they don’t forget the people side of acquisitions – and how that impacts operations
  • What they do to get buy-in at a “deep level” from new team members
  • And more

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