Codie Sanchez | M&A In The Cannabis Industry


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We have a very exciting show for you this week! In this episode of M&A Masters, we’re joined by Codie Sanchez, the managing director of Entourage Effect Capital Partners and one of the most sought out speakers in the cannabis business.
Entourage Effect is a unique private equity firm as it was the first to focus exclusively on the cannabis industry. Since 2014, Entourage Effect has invested over 100 million dollars in over 40 companies!
We’ll chat with Codie about how she got into the cannabis industry, what sets Entourage Effect apart from other private equity firms, as well as…
  • The entourage effect
  • What potential investors should ask about cannabis
  • The way cannabis is viewed as an investment
  • What makes cannabis different than other agricultural products in terms of due diligence and the M&A process
  • Entourage Effect’s ideal target market
  • And more

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