Craig Lilly | 3 Reasons Foreign Companies Are Looking at U.S. Acquisitions


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When we usually see cross-border deals, it’s a U.S. company acquiring a foreign business. But increasingly the reverse is happening, says Craig Lilly, corporate partner at the Palo Alto office of Baker McKenzie, and there are three primary drivers for that trend.
But cross-border deals with foreign buyers aren’t without their pitfalls, especially with newly enacted regulatory and anti-trust and merger controls – at that’s just the start. Just look at what is happening with Chinese telecom giant Huawei.
Cross-border M&A is far from a done deal. Foreign companies are still acquiring U.S. companies, says Craig, but just engaging experts like his company to shepherd the transaction.
We talk about where cross-border M&A is headed in 2019 and beyond, as well as…
  • The two biggest concerns in cross-border deals
  • How changes at CFIUS have vastly changed the playing field
  • When a cross border deal isn’t really a cross border deal – and why
  • How American companies are taking advantage of Asian company’s hesitancy
  • And more

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