Drew Caylor | Making a Difference in Private Equity


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Drew Caylor, managing director, and the rest of the team at private equity firm WILsquare Capital have a passion for helping lower middle market companies grow bigger and better. He says it’s all about the leaders at these companies and their commitment to making a difference to their people and the communities they’re in. At WILsquare, they help create value through hands-on work with carefully selected businesses. It’s a level of service you won’t get at “brand-name” PE firms. We take a deep dive into that topic, the post-pandemic M&A scene, and…
  • The first place they look for future investment in a business
  • 3+ questions they ask about every company they work with
  • Why they view Representations and Warranty insurance as imperative
  • Their management philosophy and how it differs from other PE firms
  • And more

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