Stephen Kuhn | A Solution for the C-Suite Talent Crunch


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It’s a tight talent market out there in the technology industry. And that’s especially for all C-suite positions right now, says Stephen Kuhn, partner at Advantary. Yet companies, especially startups, are facing pressure from their boards to hire senior executives.
And that means they’re sometimes rushed into bad hiring decisions.
Stephen talks about a short-term solution to this issue that can have long-term positive impact on companies facing these challenges, as well as…
  • A strategy for getting breathing room to recruit the right people, while still achieving important milestones in the company’s growth.
  • The incubator marketplace that brings together corporate M&A and startups
  • What companies doing cross border deals need in their back pocket
  • A little-known decision-making processes to work through tough issues
  • And more

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