Terry Hill | How to Take Advantage of Today's Seller Market


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As a business owner or CEO, you’ve worked hard to build your company for years, if not decades.
Unfortunately, says Terry Hill, managing director of public accounting and advisory firm BPM’s advisory practice, the due diligence process in an M&A deal can reveal overlooked weaknesses that can severely impact the valuation and efforts to find a buyer.
But you can still get maximum enterprise value and have a successful exit, says Terry. You just need to do the right prep work.
Tune in to discover…
  • The impact of the huge amount of “dry powder overhang” in the marketplace
  • Ways to spot overlooked financial weaknesses
  • What you can do to make buyer’s take notice of your company
  • The key to avoid getting distracted by the M&A process
  • How to grab your piece of the $1 trillion+ available for M&A deals right now
  • And more

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