Jimmy Vallee | M&A Trends in the Energy Sector


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With the oil and gas sector seemingly on the road to recovery, there’s been an uptick in M&A activity, says Jimmy Vallee. As a native Texan and partner in the Houston office of law firm Paul Hastings, Jimmy should know.
He’s got some strategies for taking advantage of this market rise. He also examines the role of private equity in this industry and best practices for mergers and acquisitions in this space – it’s unlike other industries and one “little” mistake could cost you millions.
No matter what industry you’re in, you can learn a lot from Jimmy, including…
  • Who to avoid to ensure your M&A deal doesn’t go south
  • How to understand the “language” of the energy sector
  • The role of private equity in this industry
  • Why you need Rep and Warranty insurance to cover your next M&A deal – in any industry
  • And more

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