Gaurav Bhasin | How Investment Bankers Play A Role In M&A


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In today’s episode of M&A Masters, I sit down with Gaurav Bhasin, managing director of Allied Advisers-- a Silicon Valley-based investment banking firm with team members in Irvine, Tel Aviv, and Mumbai. Allied Advisers specializes in M&A advisory services, or middle-market companies, particularly in the technology space.
Gaurav and I met when he engaged Rubicon to provide rep and warrant insurance for a client of his that was being acquired by his commercial partner. Ultimately, the deal closed, but what stood out to me and the reason Gaurav is on the show, were the lessons on the role of an investment banker in an M&A deal.
We’ll chat with Gaurav about what it’s like to work in the middle-market, the types of services he offers that set him apart, as well as…
  • The common themes of M&A processes
  • How he manages to reach out to 100+ people per deal
  • Gaurav’s ideal client profile, and how he narrowed it down
  • When to reach out to an investment banker in the M&A process
  • And more

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