Laura Simms | What To Expect In M&A Post-Pandemic


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On this week’s episode of M&A Masters, we speak with special guest, Laura Simms. Laura handles Business Development at Strait Capital, a fund solutions provider offering a full range of financial solutions to hedge funds, private equity, family offices, and alternative asset managers. From their Dallas headquarters, Strait delivers fund administration, middle office operations, CFO suite services, and regulatory compliance services just to name a few.
“We really view ourselves as a partner to our clients,” says Laura. “We want to feel like an extension of their team. You know that we're just a couple offices down, so we've really earned the reputation for being the trusted partner of choice for private investment advisors and managers who are seeking that quality, personalized service provided by a team of experienced professionals. Our mission has always been to protect investors and reduce risk in the global financial system.”
We chat more about Strait Capital, as well as:
  • The importance of partnership
  • Common challenges for clients in the middle market
  • What type of clients Strait seeks and why
  • M&A trends in light of COVID-19
  • And more

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