Pejman Makhfi | Easier Acquisitions for Mid-Market Companies


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There comes a stage in every company’s life where organic growth is no longer enough. A strategic acquisition is the only way forward. But for middle-market companies, this is a tricky proposition. The management team is running the business… they don’t have time to research potential targets, negotiate price and terms, and all the rest that goes with an M&A deal. Pejman Makhfi, the founder of Silicon Valley-based Synrgix, which provides a process management system to support growth through acquisition for middle-market companies, has a solution. And it’s vital that it’s implemented now because data shows that mid-market companies that aren’t acquisitive are likely to fail. Tune in to find out…
  • One thing any CEO or CFO must know to manage M&A deals
  • How to manage ongoing M&A activity with minimum impact on resources
  • A strategy to balance organic growth and growth through acquisition
  • Why lack of resources doesn’t have to mean stalled growth
  • And more

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