Sander Zagzebski | M&A Outlook for the Rest of 2020


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Back in May, Sander Zagzebski maintained that COVID-19 was not a black swan. He even saw a silver lining in the pandemic in the form of opportunity for savvy players in the M&A world to make significant gains. In this episode we talk about his original prediction and how it has manifested today. Sander, of Greenspoon Marder LLP, says the current economic crisis is similar to what happened in 2008/09 but also quite different in key aspects, including the cause and how the presence of trillions of dollars of dry powder means there is actually money to invest this time around. Sander shares how he’s advising his M&A clients right now, and we also talk about…
  • What he thinks will happen in Q3
  • Why companies can’t “wait out” the pandemic – and what they must do now
  • How to account for legal and regulatory uncertainty going forward
  • A unique insurance product – perfect for the pandemic – that transfers risk
  • And more

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