Tash Meys and Viv Conway | Instagram vs. Facebook. Which One Wins?


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In today’s episode, we sit down with Tash Meys and Viv Conway, who provide consulting and execution services dedicated to fast-tracking a company’s Instagram growth and engagement.
“I think if you’re not using social media, it can be overwhelming with which platform to choose,” says Tash, when asked about what Instagram is and how it’s different from other mediums.
We’ll talk with Tash and Viv about how to learn about Instagram, why Instagram is an important business tool, and…
  • The true difference between Facebook and Instagram
  • How to create trust and engagement with your brand on Instagram
  • Why Instagram is great for targeting individuals in the financial sector-- such as private equity, brokers, investors, and business owners
  • Why you need an ideal client profile
  • The impact of good content, as well as…
  • The importance of monthly analytics

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