Trevor Crow | M&A Tips for Family Businesses


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Trevor Crow works in the M&A space, specializing in what he calls an “underserved” area: lower middle market companies. He says bigger firms chase bigger deals because of high overheads and other internal costs. But as a boutique firm, he’s able to work closely with owners and founders of what are often family-owned businesses.
Trevor says Buyers and Sellers at this level are savvy and smart – a pleasure to work with. He talks about the biggest benefits a small firm like his can offer companies, including quick response times. Tune in to get all the details on that, as well as…
  • The last person you should hire to shepherd the sale of your business
  • Strategies for balancing risk and the cost of appropriate insurance
  • One of the most “dangerous” potential liabilities for companies today
  • The biggest obstacle to closing a deal – and how to overcome it
  • And more

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