MEP EP#197: Designing in Color – Greg Paulsen on 3D Printing


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MEP EP#197: Designing in Color – Greg Paulsen on 3D Printing

Episode 200 is Coming Up!

  • Question / Answer setup like Episode 100
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Greg Paulsen

  • The leader of the Application Engineering team at Xometry an online instant quoting platform for custom manufacturing projects, which utilize a professional network of thousands of manufacturers
  • His background is in applied additive manufacturing, having experience as an engineer, running machines, and ultimately using the parts
  • Was last on the podcast for episode 181 where we talked Xometry, Pizza, and digital manufacturing

3D Printing as a Service

  • What is 3D printing, what makes it different from CNC, molding?
  • Specifications for 3D printing
  • How does the designer give the specifications/tolerance?
  • Screws: 3d printing threads, self tappers, inserts
  • Does and don'ts of designing stuff for 3D printing
  • 3D printing in scale - how do you scale up?
  • The pros and cons of running your own 3D printer versus say using a service to order things

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