MEP EP#198: Digital Razorblades


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MEP EP#198: Digital Razorblades


  • Pinotaur REV 2
    • REV 1 is being tested inside of a pinball machine
  • ABC (Automotive Butt Cooler)
    • Idea for DEFCON?
  • Lithium battery pack fix?
    • Mother’s electric bicycle
    • 50V pack all 18650s
    • The pack is good but no output
  • Carburetor rebuilding trick?
    • Stranded copper wire as a "brush"
    • 4 wheeler
    • Generator


  • Beer monitor
    • Still need a name
    • Parker's parts have arrived
    • Need to get solid state relays in
      • Mount to or case? Need to look further into heat transfer
    • Going to machine the cases soon


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