MEP EP#199: High Voltage Gyrators and KiCad Plugins


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MEP EP#199: High Voltage Gyrators and KiCad Plugins


  • 50V power pack update
    • Managed to safely remove the cells
    • Protection circuit is functioning correctly
    • One of the 4 banks is “bad”
    • Scrapping all the 18650’s for future projects
  • Helping Ben debug the Atari Junior 2600 Single Chip system
    • Atari 2600's typically have 3 main ICs
      • 6507 CPU
      • RIOT (RAM and I/O)
      • TIA (Graphics and Sound)
  • Air Raid Siren all printed
    • Needs final fitment and assembly to be completed!


  • Rackmount case
    • Designed a rackmount case for a 1u preamp
    • New v-score bend method that works great on aluminum
    • A mixture of chamfer and cut relief
    • Can be bent by hand
  • Back to Gyrators
    • 300V 4 band EQ using high voltage Mosfets as gyrators
    • Gyrators first mentioned on Episode 173 of the MEP
    • Wanted to solve the issue of not having to make more power supply rails
    • About +/- 12is db per band
    • 80hz, 220hz, 750hz and 2k


  • KiCad Action Plugins
    • Run your KiCad Python scripts direct inside the UI now!
    • RF tools - a very cool curved trace plugin
    • Parker's major complaint about Zoom Centering in KiCad hasn't been an issue for atleast 2 years now
      • Why did no one tell Parker :(
  • EE Web - now with more TOOLS!
    • All about Arrow
    • More EDA tools then you can shake a stick at!
  • Apple H1 Chip?
    • Silly marketing wank
    • Its just a custom MCU

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