MEP EP#235: Solar Freaking Cat Feeders


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MEP EP#235: Solar Freaking Cat Feeders



  • Ball screws
    • Bought a small section of ball screw with the associated nut, nut housing, and end block
    • SFU1605 300mm - 16mm diameter and 5mm pitch
    • Trying to work out linear forces and the RPM range if it were to be driven from a stepper motor or servo
    • Mechanical engineering is tough
  • CNC work
    • Cut the first actual project on the CNC
    • Movable cradle for holding chassis - makes working on them super easy
    • Had to spend some serious time working on getting the machine to cut 90 degree
      • Iterative process
    • Flex in the machine - 0.02” accuracy
    • Going to cut some speaker cabs next
    • Added a simple fan radiator
    • 8020 catalog arrives sometime soon….
  • ARP 2600 repair
    • A client found a unit that was put in a closet in 1984
    • It was only pulled out last weekend and is now in my hands to do some repairs

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