MEP EP#242: The Heartbeat of Cats and LEDs


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MEP EP#242: The Heartbeat of Cats and LEDs


  • Battery charger and maintainer died
    • Took all my batteries with it
    • Company is replacing the unit
    • Nothing looks particularly wrong with the PCB Assembly besides it being gross
    • SF1565SG
      • Current Mode PWM Controller
    • FQPF12N60C
      • Fet used in the PWM Controller
    • HT46R004 HolTek MCU
      • Cost Effective?
  • Cat Feeder Unreminder
    • Ordered a breakout board for the AEM10941
    • Super Caps SCCS30B106PRB
      • 10F @ 2.7VDC
    • Solar Panel AM-1816CA
      • 84µA at peak power
      • This is specced at 200lx
    • Will this be enough?
      • LTC2956 draws 0.8μA
      • LEDs at 40μA a piece
      • Total draw when Cat Feed Indicator is on is 40.8μA
      • 5F x (4.5V-3.6V) / 0.0000608 = 74,013 seconds -> 20 and a half hours!


  • Magnetics
    • Transformers arrived!
    • Be specific with what you ask for and ask questions. I almost got bit with dimensional issues
  • Diy Tag connect
    • Made a pogo pin test connector
    • Mill-Max 0955-0-15-20-71-14-11-0 Pogo pins with solder cup on back
    • Using FR4 as mechanical supports
    • Designing a Pawl system to clasp the pcb
    • Next Revision
      • Make the landing pads bigger
      • Add something for strain relief
      • Move the pins slightly down for more spring
      • Add more anti rotation pins

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