MEP EP#248: Keeping The Spirit Costs Extra


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MEP EP#248: Keeping The Spirit Costs Extra


  • AMD to buy Xilinx for $35 billion in stock
    • Wasn’t that long ago that Intel bought Altera
    • Why such a merger?
    • Sharing topography, technology, and manufacturing techniques
  • Tariffs and the Election
    • Engineers and Manufacturers have been decoupling from China for the last 4 years
    • The big question is what happens next.
    • If Biden wins, are the Trump tariffs gone? Or will we keep them? What happens if Trump wins?
  • Tesla self driving
    • Imagine learning there is no autonomous driving and it's just a bunch of dudes mechanically turking your car
    • This could be the end game with Starlink. Work from Home Uber to drive cars!
    • Johnny Cab


  • Revitalizing old products
    • What and how to “modernize” electronics
    • Design decisions
      • Through Hole vs SMD
      • Component Placement
      • Design for machines
      • Packages
    • Keeping the spirit of the original
  • Beware of single sourcing

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