MEP EP#250: Artisan Sudo Toasters


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MEP EP#250: Artisan Sudo Toasters


  • EXTRALIFE charity update
  • How Biden may handle China and the electronics trade
    • CHIPS Act
      • Creating Helpful Incentives for Producing Semiconductors
      • Incentives for the construction of semiconductor manufacturing facilities and equipment
    • Calls for $300 billion in new funding over four years for R&D and breakthrough technologies like AI and quantum computing.
    • “aggressive trade enforcement actions against China”
  • Drawing wiring harness diagrams for contract manufacturing


  • Adventures in Rpi 4
    • Microcenter trip
      • 15 watts of power - no more no less
    • Stephen isn't a linux guy…
    • Trying to install ERPnext - open source enterprise resource planning
    • ERPnext is an all in one business management software
      • Accounting
      • HR & Payroll
      • Manufacturing
      • Sales & Purchase
      • CRM
      • Projects

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