MEP EP#252: Kicking Troglodytes Off The Stage


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MEP EP#252: Kicking Troglodytes Off The Stage


  • PCB serial numbering or other unique marking
    • I have batches of boards and need to put some unique numeric identifier and a MAC address on each board.
    • Besides stickers, laser etching, scratching or DIY stencil and paint, what are folks doing?
  • PinoTaur REV 3 boards arrived
    • REV 4 changes already ;)
  • Ben Jordan of Autodesk will be a guest on the podcast
    • Product manager and is responsible for the EAGLE product
    • Get your Eagle questions in early!


  • Adventures in Rpi 4
    • Midi overkill
    • Clock master
    • Possibly be a usb midi device?
    • Reset?
  • Repairs
    • Roland TR-606 drum matrix
      • Looks like a possible ram IC issue. The unit functions and does things that only a processor could do like blink leds at a particular rate
      • None of the buttons have memory - they do not “store” anything
      • Upd444c obsolete - 6514 SRAM is a drop in replacement
  • The FX Dev board returns
    • 2 versions of the fx dev board now exist
    • Both look like they ditched my ac power supply for a charge pump design
    • Both opted to not do the integrated soldered breadboard

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