MEP EP#256: Color Clashing Chip Consolidation


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MEP EP#256: Color Clashing Chip Consolidation


  • Whats up with the Cat feeder unreminder?
    • Still waiting on components to test with
    • PinoTaur taking priority
    • Email PDFs of wiring harnesses
  • Jeep Fan Project Revisit
    • Jeep Fan was a project idea to take sensor input from all over the Jeep and display on a VFD
    • Universal Multi Gauge exist but kinda suck
    • Rear view mirror has a screen in it
      • Composite video?


  • Negative in negative out SMPS
    • Help from PhilG and Tom Anderson from the slack channel
    • Need -5.5V that is derived from a -12V rail
    • Cannot derive from a positive rail (would be easy)
    • LTC3805
    • Design note 1022
      • Perhaps something is weird here. There were two app notes… now there are one…
      • Current mirror solution for feedback voltage
    • LT8302 is like 4 or 5 bucks in qty
    • LT1070
  • Cool Chip - SSI2130
    • VCO core in a package
    • Linear through zero

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