MEP EP#259: Troncrete


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MEP EP#259: Troncrete


  • Your C@$% Is Mine Now
    • We actually brought up the security report on this device back in Oct 2020 on episode MEP 245: K-factoring A Gumbo
    • Qiui, the China-based manufacturer of the device, which is aptly called Cellmate, did not respond to a request for comment


  • Solar Freaking Roadways!
    • First talked about on MEP EP1
      • France building a huge solar roadway. This again?”
    • Solar Roadway
    • Timeline
      • 2006 solar roadways is founded
      • 2009 - 100k small business innovation grant from USDOT
      • 2011 - 750k small business innovation grant from USDOT to make small “parking lot”
        • This is what shows up in all the videos.
      • 2014 Indigogo campaign raises 2.2mil - the highest at the time
      • 2016 given an additional 750k by USDOT
      • 2016 Jeff Jones Town Square
        • 30 panels
        • Supposed 60k install cost
        • Wiki - .25kW per day
        • Typical Home install 1.45kW/day
        • According to thunderF00T ⅓rd of the energy is consumed by the LEDs and the remainder is in heat.
      • 2016 France installs Wattway
        • 5.2 million to build expected 767 kwh per day.
        • $20/ kwh 13x the cost of rooftop installation. Only produced 409kwh/day
      • 2020 December USA gets its first real solar road! Woohoo!
        • City of Peachtree Corners in Gwinnett County, Georgia
        • About the size of a typical Rooftop install but less than half as efficient
    • 4 Solar roadways we can find in the world… only 1 has been declared a success.
      • Dutch bike path
      • 70-metre test bike path generating 3,000 kWh
        • Looks to be a meter wide. 70 sq meters or ~760 sq ft
        • Average house only needs ~300 sq ft of solar panels on a roof....

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