MEP EP#261: Critical Path Components


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MEP EP#261: Critical Path Components


  • What can you do to help alleviate component shortages and lead times in your design
    • Last week we talked about automotive component shortages
    • Passive components
      • Most passives it is easy to find substitutes
      • Check your specifications
        • Components that have extraordinary specs for there package size
    • Active components
      • Diversify what you can
        • Discretes
        • Diodes
        • Mosfets
      • Integrated Components
        • Different packages or packaging
    • Connectors
      • Different plating options possible?
      • Other manufactures making similar or compatible parts


  • Searching for components kind of sucks sometimes. Another Quick idea for making this easier
    • Anything that is a complement
      • Connectors
      • Transistors
        • Guessed BCP54 - BCP52
  • PCB Crosstalk
    • Video by Robert Feranec with Eric Bogatin
    • What causes PCB crosstalk?
      • Capacitive coupling
      • Inductive coupling
    • Effects of pcb crosstalk
    • How do we mitigate pcb crosstalk?
    • One other form of “crosstalk” that really isn't crosstalk
      • Poor filtering and PSRR
      • “Feedforward” current
      • Not really something that shows up often...

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