MEP EP#262: Flex PCB Primers


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MEP EP#262: Flex PCB Primers



  • Wurth Elektronik on Flex PCBs
    • Basically Polyimide foil with deposited copper
    • 3 ways to create a system (from page 2)
      • Heterogeneous
      • Homogeneous
      • Partial Homogeneous
    • Full flex and Semiflex
    • Much Much easier way to create a 3d system design
    • Added benefit of having a full panelized system
      • Can test a full panel of designs all at once
      • Test points can technically be on the flex
    • Break and make
      • Take the rails off of the PCB
    • Flex-rigid boards
      • Can be bonded to external layers
      • Can be internal
      • Can be rigid on one side or both
      • Can be multiple layers
    • Layout and routing
      • Create a new layer in your EDA tool to define the Flex portion
      • No vias in flex portion
      • Use teardrops for added rigidity
      • Use wider tracks where possible for added strength
      • Do not change width in bend area
      • Distribute conductors evenly
    • Documentation
      • Do it... Do it a lot
      • In addition to the PCB gerber or ODB++ files include drawings
      • A fab drawing that defines the flex pcb is very helpful

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