MEP EP#281: Through Hole Manufacturing


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MEP EP#281: Through Hole Manufacturing

Through Hole Manufacturing

  • Processes
    • Hand Soldering
    • Soldering “robot”
    • Wave soldering
      • Design Criteria
      • Pallets
    • Selective soldering
      • Design Criteria
      • Keepouts
  • Lead Forming
    • Pre purchase?
    • Forming with a die?
    • Using hand tools?
  • PCB design
    • Holes
    • Non circular?
    • Annular rings
    • IPC stuff
      • IPC-2221 Generic Standard on Printed Board Design
      • IPC-2222 Sectional Design Standard for Rigid Organic Printed Boards
      • IPC-2223 Sectional Design Standard for Flexible/Rigid-Flexible Printed Boards
      • IPC-7351 Generic Requirements for Surface Mount Design and Land Pattern Standard
        • Performance Classification (1,2,3)
        • Producibility Levels (A,B,C)
        • Land Pattern Determination (Density level A,B,C)

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